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Why Hire a Professional For Wallpaper Removal In Your Home

It might surprise you to know that wallpaper removal in your home can actually damage the walls. The process of stripping wallpaper off a wall is time-consuming and messy, and you could end up with a hole in the drywall or extra paint on your carpet or flooring if you don't do it right. Wallpaper removal professionals have years of experience working with this delicate material, so they'll get the job done right for you!

Wallpaper removal is a task that many people find daunting. It's scary to think about removing it yourself, and you might not know how to do it right. But the truth is, hiring a professional wallpaper remover like Dragon Drywall Repair in Melbourne, FL can save you time and money in the long-term!

Wallpaper adds a layer of color to any room as well as adding texture which can be great if you have kids who like drawing on walls or it could help spice up an otherwise bland space in your home. However, wallpaper is not necessarily something that you should remove. Hiring a professional for wallpaper removal in your home is not only going to save you time, but also money and headaches.

Let's talk about the top five reasons why you should hire someone for your next wallpaper project.

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1) Wallpaper removal professionals have experience with all types of wallpapers

They know how to remove them in a safe and efficient manner. For example, if your wallpaper is vinyl decal paper then you need to use an adhesive remover solution which might not be accessible at home or even through the hardware store. Wallpaper removal professionals know when to use a scraper and how much pressure is needed.

  • Wallpaper can be very hard to remove without damaging the surface below such as drywall, plaster or paneling
  • Wallpaper is often made of materials that have toxic fumes which you might not want in your home while removing it by yourself.
  • Wallpaper is often fragile and can easily tear which might not be an issue if you hire a professional to handle the removal process.
  • The job is dirty work with time-consuming hours required for removing it carefully, so hiring professionals will save your valuable time that could better spent elsewhere such as family life, hobbies or even working at your job.
  • The wallpaper may have been installed in the 1960s or 1970s and might contain asbestos which can cause serious health problems if you try to remove it yourself.
  • Wallpaper removal is a specialized trade that requires knowledge, patience and experience with these types of wallpaper materials.

2) They know where the seams are on most patterns

Wallpaper removal professionals know where the seams are on most patterns and can remove the wallpaper from both ends, so you don't have to worry about covering up your walls with paint or patching in paper. They also know how to pull off papered-over drywall and other materials that are stuck on top of wallpaper without damaging them.

It's not easy to remove wallpaper from drywall or other materials that are stuck on top of the paper. Wallpaper removal professionals know where the seams are and can easily peel back the layers to get at what they need. They also have special tools for removing things like glue residue so you don't have any messes in your home.

3) Wallpaper removal professionals will have the right equipment and tools without causing damage to your home

When removing wallpaper, the right tools and equipment is essential because it will make the job go so much quicker. When you are using a scraper or putty knife, it's difficult to get all the glue off that has been applied by wallpaper over time and with many layers of material. A professional company like Dragon Drywall Repair knows what kind of tools work best for removing different types of wallpapers, so they will have everything needed to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

If you choose a professional company like Dragon Drywall Repair for your wallpaper removal project, it is likely that they would use an electric steamer or dry ice scraper because these are better at removing glue residue than traditional tools.

For best results, it's important to know that removing wallpaper requires specialized chemical cleaners and protective gear. A professional will use drop cloths, plastic coverings, and masking tape for any walls you will need to fix or paint once the old paper is gone.

A wallpaper removal expert knows how to be precise with materials when removing the wallpaper and will use as little of the material as possible. You will save money because you won't have to buy as much new material for the clean-up job.

4) Faster progress

There are many reasons why hiring a professional for home improvement projects can help you to simplify your life. For instance, as a homeowner, you probably already have enough on your plate, right?

That's why it can be so valuable to hire a professional like Dragon Drywall Repair for wallpaper removal in your home. That way, you don't have to spend hours watching YouTube channels about removing wallpaper. Instead, reach out today and get started on your upcoming project with one of their experts.

5) Dragon Drywall Repair offers related wallpaper removal services, such as drywall repair and interior painting

We know you want your wallpaper removed, but what happens afterwards? We offer related services for your home, such as drywall repair and interior painting. Don't just get it done with wallpaper removal alone: we want to make sure that the job is complete!Don't waste your time trying to remove wallpaper yourself, or hire a less-skilled person! We offer professional removal services for a reasonable price.


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